Protection, Peacebuilding and Social cohesion

Sector Objective: 

In close collaboration with key stakeholders, prevent and minimize as much as possible any unintended negative effects because of intervention which can increase people’s vulnerability to both physical and psychosocial risks.
To work with relevant actors to promote ad support the identification, assistance, and protection of the most vulnerable individuals/groups as part of Emergency Preparedness, response, and recovery interventions.
Organize for people’s access to assistance and services – in proportion to need and without any barriers (e.g. discrimination). Pay special attention to individuals and groups who may be particularly vulnerable or have difficulty accessing assistance and services.
Set-up and encourage the use of appropriate mechanisms through which affected populations can measure the adequacy of interventions, and address concerns and complaints/Feedback.
Support the development of self-protection capacities and assist people to claim their rights, including – not exclusively – the rights to shelter, food, water and sanitation, health, and education.


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