Environmental Education, Conservation, and Rehabilitation

Environmental Education includes creating awareness through community discussion, intensive trainings and workshops about the need and ways of environmental protection for all stakeholders including community, private sector, government bodies and students. As part of environmental conservation IRCA works holistically to enhance and increase agricultural production through the promotion of farming skills and climate change adaptation, and improved farming methods. IRCA promotes increasing the understanding of the community on the impact of climate change and what actions they can take to build resilience. We Mobilize public support for environmental protection and compliance with laws to prevent violations of human and environmental rights through local leadership and county campaigns.

Environmental Conservation and Rehabilitation incorporates promotion of integrated environmental activities carried out through the participation of different stakeholders (i.e. IRCA, school Community, Farmers Group and Private Nurseries) like re-afforestation of degraded areas by planting trees, enabling regeneration of natural vegetation.

Environmental advocacy includes mobilizing and networking with organization and groups with same mind to push environmental issues to better policy and decision makers focus.


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