Networking and Collaborations

IRCA already created and maintains the collaboration of governmental, private, non-profit institutions and communities at large in the targeted areas in Somalia to promote sustainable livelihoods among the most vulnerable communities in both urban and rural areas. IRCA is a member of both national and zonal sector clusters in Food Security and Livelihoods, Health, Education, Nutrition, WASH in Somalia. It has established cooperation with several Network and Coalition bodies in the region.


IRCA has been actively engaged in building trust and confidence among humanitarian actors in Somalia while simultaneously seeking funding from various donors and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs). As of now, IRCA has established partnerships with the following organizations

Southwest State Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (through Save the Children and FAO)
Southwest Ministry of Environment and Wildlife.
Southwest State Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (through GIZ funded project)
Baidoa International University (BIU)
Southwest Innovation Hub
Somali Economic Development Hub
Southwest State of Somalia Diaspora

Funding Sources

The organization endeavors to secure funding from both international and local donors to sustain its objectives and activities. It has established accountability and transparency mechanisms to ensure the effectiveness of its projects. The organization maintains stringent financial management policies, systems, and control mechanisms. It fosters cooperation and working relationships with local businesspersons and international donor agencies. Through a fundraising strategy plan and the development of program development proposals, the organization has successfully attracted funds from various sources, including:

International NGOs such as ADRA, GIZ, and Save the Children through the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA)
Southwest Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
Southwest Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.
Somali Diaspora Communities.
Private Sector entities such as the Southwest Innovation Hub and Somali Economic Development Hub.

These partnerships and funding sources contribute to the organization’s ability to implement its projects and initiatives effectively.

Organizational Strengths

IRCA organizational strength lies within the skills, knowledge, and experiences of its member organizations.

Sound-vibrant and dynamic BOD and managing team.
Dedicated experienced members and volunteers.
Fully equipped head office in Baidoa
Good relations and cooperation with the government, private and non-profit institutions.
Support of well-wishers like renowned lecturers, doctors, teachers and professionals, etc.

Governance and Management Instruments

IRCA is having separate policies on the following issues:

Human Resource [HR Policy]
Safeguarding Policy
PSEA Policy
Board Governance Policy
Volunteers Management Policy
Financial [ Financial Management Policy and Accounting System Guideline]
Gender [Gender Policy]
General Office Procedures
Program implementation policy and procedures manual

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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