Health (PHC) and Nutrition

Health (PHC)

Sector objectives:

Improve availability of and access to health care services for IDPs and most vulnerable host communities, with a special focus on vulnerable groups such as women and children, through mobile clinics or strengthening of existing services, as well as through the promotion of health-seeking behavior.
Improve quality of health care and treatment, with special focus on health infrastructure (physical equipment and supplies, including post exposure prophylaxis [PEP] kits, etc.) and human resource capacity.
Improve health information management system to ensure availability of reliable data on the health status of the population.
Ensure availability of health education material on prevention of targeted diseases (malaria, TB, AWD, measles).


The overall objective of Nutrition program is to lower the incidence of malnutrition, avert excess mortality due to malnutrition and promote better nutritional status among populations in the affected areas.

Initiate and facilitate intensive SFPs, including community-based nutrition actions, to the access of nutritionally vulnerable populations to emergency nutrition response.
Promote appropriate infant and young child feeding practices.


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